2018 Summer Preaching Schedule

Every year I get asked when I’m doing my guest & fill-in work for the summer, and I always forget to post the dates, but this year, I’ve remembered (yay!)

I love being a guest preacher, heck, I love preaching, and leading worship.  It used to be that I lead from the organ bench, now it’s from the pulpit, or rather, the wheelchair.  It’s an honour, exciting, and just plain fun for me.  If you get the chance, I’d love to see you!

1 July * St. Paul’s United Church, Dundas (Park & Cross Streets) 10 am

22 July * St. Paul’s United, Dundas 10 am

29 July * St James Anglican Church, Dundas (Market Street) 8:30 & 10:30 am

5 August * St. Paul’s United Church, Hamilton (Tragina Ave.) 10:30 am

12 August * St. Paul’s United, Hamilton 10:30 am

19 August * East Plains United Church, Burlington (Plains Rd. East) 10:30 am

26 August * East Plains United, Burlington 10:30

I think I’ll end up with a couple of other bookings, but these are the ones I have at the moment.  Attached are a couple of photos from my past bookings.



2018 Calendars Ordered!

I have just placed the order for the 2018 wall and desk calendars.  I’ve attached some samples on here.
This is the fourth year I’ve done flower calendars, and I always love hearing about them, and seeing them in different places and homes.  I have to thank you, so many of you, for buying them faithfully over these four years.

They will be available for purchase at my art show open house on 5th November at St. James Anglican in Dundas.  (see a previous post for more information)

As I’m taking pictures of flowers, I usually take some either landscape or portrait of a particular spot or bloom, but I learned the first year I created the calendars that the photos had to be landscape so as I’m shooting portrait, I try to remember to get one or two landscape shots as well.  Looking at the 12 calendar photos, I can so clearly remember taking several of them, thinking, “This could be a calendar shot!”  That’s such a fun memory for me.  I hope that the energy and care I’ve put into getting these photos is enjoyed by those who have the calendars.

An uneasy wish list

With my 50th birthday approaching on 18 November, I’ve had some notes from folks asking what I might like as a gift.  This is always a difficult thing for me, so I put some thought into it.
I mean, heck, come to the art show – there, that’s a gift to me.
Be my friends.  Love me, love each other, be kind, all those things.

So rather than making a specific list, I thought I’d put some places I love to shop and I’d enjoy having a gift certificate to them.  As many of you know, being a disabled poet and funeral celebrant doesn’t leave one wealthy beyond all measure of avarice, so gift certificates are like gold to me.  I’m famously careful about using them, but once I get into it, I find it a pretty simply job.

A friend gave me a wonderful gift certificate to Chapters/Indigo last Christmas, and of course their stores are like a toy-filled Christmas dreams for a geeky adult like me.  When I needed a new book for my funeral notes and services, it was great to be able to show up, pick the one I love, and buy it without worrying, “Will there be enough in the ol’ account (or overdraft)?” And inside my new book I put, “Bought with a gift certificate from Pat Johnson, 2017.”  The book before that says, “A gift from Shirley and John Naismith.”

I’ve always liked to notate such things when possible.  Mom had a great memory for, “This was Uncle Jimmy’s plate that he bought Grandma before he left for WWI.”  He never came home, so the plate is much treasured.  So I’ve learned to put a story to many things.

Now, as I find my brain failing me sometimes, I keep a list of things and stories when and where I can.  It helps me.

I tried to put as few big businessesses on the list, because I believe in small businesses and artisans and those kinds of things.  On the list is the privately owned Bulk Warehouse on Plains Rd in Burlington, but I also included the Bulk Barn, which I love.  You know, one tries to do one’s best but in the end, when you need Big Feet and fancy liquorice allsorts, you  need ’em, or I do.

Joanne and I
Joanne Babcock and Paul Chappel at a party held in my honour, September 2016

Thank you for the love you all share with me every day, my dear ones. x

Art Show Open House & Party

The fifth of November we’ll have an open house for my third solo show at St. James in Dundas, but this open house has a twist; we’re also celebrating my 50th birthday. So I hope lots of  new and old friends will come and visit with us, take some time to enjoy the energetic and very artistic feel of the church, and also have some fun.  Laughter is of course always welcome.

The art show will include photographs printed on paper and on canvas, and other pieces including a six-piece set made of wire, minerals, and beads.  To be honest, I’m still working on this one, so I’m trying to buckle down on it.  Two of the six are totally finished and the other four are well more than half way done.

I’m very excited about all of this and am so looking forward to seeing all of you who can come.  If you can’t come on the fifth, the show is open during St. James’ office hours for the month of November. stjamesdundas.ca

More Marmot Information

Well, folks in this area will be able to hear me reading from the Marmot stories at an event called Vinyl Church at St. James in Dundas. We’ll have a hip jazz combo with a sultry singer (Sara. my wife) and I’ll do some readings from the Marmot canon.

Now, I know you’re thinking that it sounds like a rather popular CBC radio show, nothing could be further from the truth, in fact, I’ve never heard of Vinyl Cafe – oops – what I meant to say was, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”  Yes, that’s it! 

The date in late February will be announced here on the blog shortly.