About Paul

I’m Paul Chappel and thank you for reading my blog. 

I write hymns and compose music.  As a lay person, I perform around forty funerals year in the Hamilton, Ontario area.  Since retirement at an early age from active organ performance, I have dedicated my time partially to passing on the things I was taught, and I’m very proud of my small studio of students.  Several have gone on to do great things in music, and watching their careers is wonderful.

Paul Chappel

My family has lived at the western tip of Lake Ontario for more than 200 years on both sides, so I’m rooted to place.  My wife, Sara, and I live with my widowed father in the house where I was raised.  We have small finches as pets, and a wonderful old lady West Highland Terrier named Rosie.  She’s only lived with us for about six months now, but we feel like she’s always been part of the family.

Loving to read since a tiny child, I have a passion for history that often these days leads me to writing of my friend Dr. Paul C. Doherty whose historical mysteries take one away into a different world.  I’m also a fanatic for humour, both prose and cartoons.  From an early age I’ve been attracted to the totally politically in-correct Andy Capp of Reg Smythe, and I enjoy collecting Andy’s books from all over.

Some of my favourite days are those when I’m asked to speak in person, either to preach or to give a talk of some kind.  If you are part of a group that invites speakers, please be in touch and I’ll send you a list of some of the topics (secular and sacred) on which I’m happy to talk.

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