2018 Summer Preaching Schedule

Every year I get asked when I’m doing my guest & fill-in work for the summer, and I always forget to post the dates, but this year, I’ve remembered (yay!)

I love being a guest preacher, heck, I love preaching, and leading worship.  It used to be that I lead from the organ bench, now it’s from the pulpit, or rather, the wheelchair.  It’s an honour, exciting, and just plain fun for me.  If you get the chance, I’d love to see you!

1 July * St. Paul’s United Church, Dundas (Park & Cross Streets) 10 am

22 July * St. Paul’s United, Dundas 10 am

29 July * St James Anglican Church, Dundas (Market Street) 8:30 & 10:30 am

5 August * St. Paul’s United Church, Hamilton (Tragina Ave.) 10:30 am

12 August * St. Paul’s United, Hamilton 10:30 am

19 August * East Plains United Church, Burlington (Plains Rd. East) 10:30 am

26 August * East Plains United, Burlington 10:30

I think I’ll end up with a couple of other bookings, but these are the ones I have at the moment.  Attached are a couple of photos from my past bookings.



One Reply to “2018 Summer Preaching Schedule”

  1. Hi Paul, I am the one who will be doing the East Plains Bulletin for Aug. 19 & 26. Please be informed that our Service starts at 10:00 am. Can you give me your email address?
    Take care,

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