2018 Calendars Ordered!

I have just placed the order for the 2018 wall and desk calendars.  I’ve attached some samples on here.
This is the fourth year I’ve done flower calendars, and I always love hearing about them, and seeing them in different places and homes.  I have to thank you, so many of you, for buying them faithfully over these four years.

They will be available for purchase at my art show open house on 5th November at St. James Anglican in Dundas.  (see a previous post for more information)

As I’m taking pictures of flowers, I usually take some either landscape or portrait of a particular spot or bloom, but I learned the first year I created the calendars that the photos had to be landscape so as I’m shooting portrait, I try to remember to get one or two landscape shots as well.  Looking at the 12 calendar photos, I can so clearly remember taking several of them, thinking, “This could be a calendar shot!”  That’s such a fun memory for me.  I hope that the energy and care I’ve put into getting these photos is enjoyed by those who have the calendars.

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