Marmot is a town of my own creation, although its geography does have similarities to my home town of Dundas Ontario.  I have written about Marmot in a series of short stories, mostly centred around the people who inhabit this odd little world.

The mayor is “Gentleman Jim” Gilderslieth, and he keeps the town running, or he thinks he does.   As the grossly illegitimate scion of one of Marmot’s most distinguished families, Jim has always had to scratch and fight for what was his, and mostly, he’s done it.

Those of you who know me will know that the churches will loom large in Marmot, and they do.  Mount Cavalry (not a spelling error, that’s what the sign outside the door says) is the local Pentecostal church, and there are church for the Baptists and Anglicans and others.  The Baptist church gets moved to a new location, and later a visit from the local Bishop to the Anglican church – these are chronicalled in the Marmot stories.

How did Marmot get a Pet Cemetery?  How did the school get a newly painted gym?  Why is the Holy Rosary Catholic gift store run by Israel Cohen?  You’ll get the answers.

The Marmot stories have been entombed in my computer, only brought out for the odd public reading, but I thought I’d start sharing them once in a while with my blog readers.  I hope you’ll enjoy your occasional visits to Marmot.

One Reply to “Marmot”

  1. How delightful to visit Marmot again! I have laughed my way through ‘The Moving of Elm Street Baptist Church’, and look forward to visiting again.

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